I have no doubt that, as a result of using Feng Shui to enhance our environment, several very positive developments have happened to us and we are grateful that working with Gloria was such a positive experience.
- Monica Evans and Daniel Gresser

As an Acupuncturist using traditional Chinese medicine in a clinic with my home, it was important to me to blend my living surroundings to compliment and enhance the flow of energy in both areas. After her assessment we went together from room to room and discussed the changes that would enhance the flow of energy and bring harmony and healing within the household and those seeking treatment in the clinic.

I would highly recommend Gloria as a Feng Shui Consultant in that she was professional, considerate and very knowledgeable regarding the theory and application of her craft.
- Alexandra Kolisnyk RN., BA., Dac. Mississauga, Ontario

Our personal goals have achieved a more positive and meaningful end in the area of artistic and financial sectors outlined in Gloria's research.
Gloria is a great asset for all people she meets!
- Irene and Iain Turner (Company Goldstone / Turner, Artists London, Ontario)

After your space clearing ceremony, I have found that my business continues to increase and attract new students. As a new business owner, I do work hard and I spend a lot of time here and this is definitely my home away from home. I feel very comfortable here.
- Joanne Lowe Director of The big Stretch Yoga Studio (1560 Bayview Ave)

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