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bul001.jpg (560 bytes) Heart of Fashion :
DJV is proud to be donating an oil reproduction of VanGogh's Sunflowers. The Heart of Fashion is a fundraiser hosted by North York General Hospital to raise funds in support to the purchase of the latest mammography technology. This event will be held at Bayview Village Shopping Center on Sunday November 25th, 2001.
For ticket information, please call 416-756-6944  or
Visit North York General's site: http://www.nygh.on.ca/fundse.htm
DJV is proud to announce that VanGogh's Sunflowers raised $425.00 for the Heart of Fashion fundraiser.
bul001.jpg (560 bytes) Royal Bank Silent Auction for Sick Children's Hospital :
DJV was proud to contribute VanGogh's Cafe Terrace to the Royal Bank to help raise fund for the Sick Children's Hospital. Cafe Terrace proved itself to be the talk of the auction, creating a lot of buzz before the actual bidding began. By the end of the night DJV's oil reproduction made a record of 35 bids and sold for $480.00, where all proceeds are in benefit for the Sick Children's Hospital.
Royal Bank Auction Catalogue
bul001.jpg (560 bytes) Minstrel Musical Foundation :
DJV was proud to donate VanGogh's Sunflowers to help raise funds for the Minstrel Musical Foundation. It had raised a record of $1800.00
Up Coming Events
bul001.jpg (560 bytes) Canfar (weblink: http://www.canfar.com/events/bloorst.htm) DJV will be donating to CANFAR's Bloor Street Entertains Event on November 28th, 2001.
bul001.jpg (560 bytes) Kick Up Your Heels
If you are interested in having DJV sponsor your event, please direct all inquiries to info@djvart.com
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