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"A very special thanks to all your comments for DeJa View , our goal is to sell good art to EVERYONE, and our company will keep selling good art at fair prices until every wall in every city in every country has a painting from DeJa View.

Thank you for all your support and we hope that we can continue to exceed your expectations."
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In your words
Another satisfied customer of Deja View! The Gordon House Hotel has officially named a cocktail after Deja View in appreciation of our business services.
" I have been most impressed with the work of (Deja View). The painting shows considerable skill and imagination."
    Arthur Millner, Collector and Antique Dealer, London, England.

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"There are just two Renoir I want in my office, the one I bought from DeJa View and the original in Paris! "
    Rahul Kumar, Vice President (Foreign Trading) Citicorp. Bank New York. U.S.A.
"No other art company offers the same quality art as your company. Every month I wait to buy the catalogue of an artist. Many congratulations."
    Lord Rotschild, financier and patron of the arts. London, England.
"It is hard to imagine anybody that would not love to own one of these works of art in their office or home. DeJa View simply sets the standard in reproduction art."
    John Richards, Biographer of Picasso, New York, U.S.A.
"Many thanks for my Monet and congratulations on DeJa View!"
    Shinichoro Kitagawa, Artist and Musician, http://www.shinhead.com, Tokyo, Japan.
"I want to express my delight in receiving the wonderful reproduction of Picasso's Weeping Woman, which now hangs proudly in my office."
    Philip Keith, Head of African Art Department, Bonhams auctions (Established    1793), London, England.

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"The paintings light up any and every room in my house. "
    Robert Hughes, Art critic, Toronto, Canada.
"The quality of the work is truly remarkable, and it was so refreshing to deal with your company, which processed my order with speed and professionalism."
    Charles S. Habermarcher, Director, Habsconsulting, Zurich, Switzerland.
“I look forward to ordering more paintings in the future, and wish you every success with DeJa View.”
    Oliver Forge, Consultant in Antiques, London. England.
“I was delighted with the colors of my new Renoir ”
    Asha Sarabhai, Fashion Designer, Egg. Tokyo, Japan.
“DJV has a collection of paintings that should be hung in every office.”
    Anthony Caro Patron of the Arts and Chairman of Caro Shipping Inc.Toronto, Canada.

E-mail any comment or suggestion to info@djvart.com

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